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Hay Day is a great Farming simulator game that has millions and millions of active players that are online at any moment of the day so you guys can be able to play with someone no matter what time of day or night it is. It is created and launched by a company named Supercell back in 2012. For iOS devices and Android devices, but it can be played online using your phone or tablet no matter how powerful your device is. Hay Day Is not so demanding when we start talking about the specs of the devices so you all guys will be able to enjoy this amazing game and all it has to offer.

If you liked playing Farmvile on your Facebook account a couple of years ago well we are sure that you going to absolutely love this amazing game called the Hay Day. In Hay Day you are the farmer, and although it may seem as a hard game, it really is not. The gameplay is extremely intuitive and original and you all will be able to experience the most of it completely for free. It is a completely free game to download and play if you want it to. Of course if you guys want to get some extra resources you will always be able to do so by purchasing them using in game purchasing method.

Hay Day
That is exactly why so many people are actually good at Hay Day, there are many people who do not want to waste their time on gathering and collecting the resources in Hay Day, instead they just use their wallet to do what you can do completely for free but you need time.

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If you have time and you want to feel like real farmer well then we recommend that you should only use the in game purchasing method when you really need it guys, because you will kill all the fun in the amazing game like Hay Day. Gathering resources in Hay Day can be really fun guys, that is the real deal here – to be a real farmer like in real life. I remember my first time when i was playing the Hay Day, i was so excited because when i was a little boy my parents used to take me on a road trip to our farm in the village and i a liked watching the animals and playing with them. All that and so much more guys can be seen in this amazing farming simulator Hay Day.

In 2013 the Hay Day was the fourth game by its revenue for mobile devices and tablets on both platforms iOS and Android. Along with the Clash of Clans it is by far the most amazing game that company Supercell has ever created. So many people are playing Hay Day that the Supercell is making 30 million US dollars each month just on a Hay Day! How amazing is that right?

In Hay Day, the whole story begins when your uncle is unable to take care of his farm and it is letting you take care of it, so at the very beginning of the game the scarecrow will teach you about harvesting wheat. In Hay Day you are able to gather goods and after sell them in order to make your farm bigger, to create and decorate buildings in your little town and do more interesting stuff with the coins that you earn by selling these goods.

How To Play Hay Day Game for Free Instruction

You also get Xp points which is short for experience points and as you level up guys, you will be able to do more amazing things and earn more coins and diamonds. Diamonds can be used in order to speed things up in this amazing farming simulator game. You will be able to chit chat with other players and actually you guys will be able to form neighborhood with other players that have farm near yours and you will be able to help each other when you are in need for resources or coins. Which makes this farming simulator really stand out from those games where you only have opponents and not friends in the game.

The best thing about the Hay Day is that it is not only of of the most intuitive, original and has a good graphics, it is also a very cool game to play during the lunch break, coffee break, while in the bus or while you are coming home from work or school. Me for example i like playing Hay Day on a coffee break at my office, i do not need to play it for 10 hours a day, i just play it for a half an hour during coffee break and half an hour when i come home from work. There are several things like building and harvesting that will take some time in the game, that is why you do not have to play the Hay Day all day long like some other games, you can play it in the morning and in the evening for as long as you want and you will be playing it at the maximum level because for example if you create a building it will take up to 8 hours in order to finish the building construction and that is why you guys will have to actually wait for those 8 hours in order to complete your building.

Hay Day Game

If you want to speed things up in Hay Day you will be able to purchase diamonds which are extremely hard to find if you guys decide to play this farming simulator game Hay Day completely for free. If you decide to play it for free you will have to wait for things to finish like we said before in this article but if you use diamonds you will be able to build your farm much faster than without diamonds.

But where is the fun there? We suggest that you use diamonds only for some things and to do more things while playing the game without using the diamonds. The games like Hay Day who allow players to use in game purchases for some people are not fair because the players who have more money and are willing to spend more money on their account and virtual currency are in advantage. We think that there is no advantage in Hay Day because there are a lot of people who actually want to play this amazing farm simulator for fun and nothing more than just fun. We suggest you do the same and see for yourself if you like it.

This is an amazing multiplayer online farming simulator and if you never heard of the Hay Day then you must try it out on your mobile devices and tablets. The game is unfortunately available only on iOS and Android mobile phones and tablets but most of the people actually use those devices every single day.


It absolutely does not matter if you guys are experienced players of Hay Day or never played an online farming simulator before, you will be able to learn all of these tips and tricks while playing the game on your mobile phone for free. Just follow few simple steps in the beginning of the game and you will not miss a single thing. Important things are well explained when you enter the game and create your free Hay Day account and also you guys will be able to do all of that and so much more while reading what scarecrow has to say to you in the beginning.

Download Hay Day Game on your Device by Official Page

Make your farm look as you always wanted and bring the old memories from your childhood back to life with this amazing farm simulator from Supercell – Hay Day. Some people like playing Hay Day on their computers but we thing that is more fun to play them on your mobile devices because the game is really not that complicated and it is made for small screen sized devices such as 4 inch mobile phones. So guys take your mobile phones in your hands, download the game from Google Play store or Apple app store and find out why so many people are spending hours and hours each day playing one of the best online multiplayer games in the world.

We hope that you guys enjoyed reading this article that we have prepared for you today and that you will continue reading all of our tips and tricks for some other popular games in the future and follow our page because more interesting articles will be coming soon. We want you to have a great day while playing one of our very favorite games on iOS and Android platforms and one of the most valuable games in the world of mobile gaming. No matter what specs of your device are and how old your mobile device is, the Hay Day can be played on all of those devices that are running iOS and Android platforms. Cheers guys!