Official Guide How to Play Hay Day on your Cell Phone

Hello there gamers, now what is your favorite online game, is it a strategy game or an arcade game or maybe a puzzle game? Well when we say game, we do not often think of a farming simulator game but that is exactly what our topic today is. We are going to tell you something amazing about Hay Day which is one of the greatest mobile phone games of all time.

Hay Day

Created by a company named Supercell, the Hay Day is a great way to make your day better instantly, because it is not just a regular game that you have to play for hours every single day – no. Hay Day Is a simple game which can be played by all ages, all you have to own are a mobile device or a tablet running Android or iOS operating system and a stable internet connection. You actually do not have to own a social network account but if you do you will have the chance to get much more prizes in this amazing farming simulator.

Install Hay Day on any Cell Phone

The game itself was launched back in 2012 and it is available for both iOS and Android devices completely for free. Just enter the Google Play store or Apple App store and search for Hay Day and there you go. Click download and your life will be different, well different in gaming sense.

So it absolutely does not matter if you guys want to play it for 10 minutes or 10 hours, because this is probably the one and only game where you can actually decide how you want to play it. You can never loose in Hay Day because there is no end in this game. If you do not visit your far for a long time you will not loose you will just have no progress at all, that is why millions and millions of player all over the world have chosen to play this game as their favorite game on their mobile devices and tablets.

You start the game as a farmer who does not know anything about that job but the scare crow will help you by showing you how the whole game Hay Day works and what should you do on a regular basis.

Basically you sell goods, get coins and make your farm even bigger. What separates the Hay Day from other farming simulator games which are not so popular and other mobile phone games is that here you actually do not have any enemies instead you can help and get help from your neighbors, friends and family members. The Hay Day is a great way to end your day with your friends and family members while you are all chilling at home and watching TV together.

You can make a break while watching movies together and see what is new on your favorite game Hay Day and sell goods to each other or even give away something for fee.

The Hay Day can be played completely for free by just downloading and installing the game itself, but that can be only one option, second option is to make an in game purchase in order to get resources for the Hay Day for example the diamonds which are the most valuable resources in the Hay Day game itself.

Supercell is well known for making their games completely free for all, but if you want to be good you should either play many hours during the day or pay for diamonds which can really speed things up in this amazing farming simulator game. For example if you guys need to wait for a certain building to be created for example 7 or 8 hours or so, you will be able to do that job instantly by spending some diamonds. You can also get these diamonds for free by connecting your Hay Day account to for example FB account or twitter account. There are missions and bunch of other ways to add more diamonds to your Hay Day account but these are the most common.

Play Hay Day

I remember my first time when i started playing Hay Day, i was at the coffee shop and i saw two of my friends who met before me looking at each others screens and i was curios what they were doing because they were so exited. They explained it to me very quick and at first i was a bit confused why would they want to play a farming simulator when you have that many interesting games that you could play on mobile phones. But then it hit me when i downloaded it on my mobile device. I was thinking that the Hay Day is hard to play but it actually is not at all. I learned how to play in less than 1 hour and in less than 2 days i became a complete expert in this awesome farming simulator created back in 2012.

I play it for 4 years now and it had many updates for these 4 years so far. These updates improved performance and graphics for the new devices that we have today. Some mobile devices and tablets have 4k screens and the Hay Day has to stand up to that resolution which not many games can do nowadays.

Download Hay Day Game and Install in five Steps

The Supercell certainly did a great job when they decided to create a game this amazing as Hay Day. The Hay Day is at the top chart of most awarded, the most downloaded and the most played games of all times when we speak of mobile devices and tablets.

So guys i really hope you have enjoyed reading this article that we have prepared for you today and that you have learned something from it. Our opinion is subjective but you will surely be amazed when you download the Hay Day for the first time as we did. Even if you do not like it, you should at least try it, you will not regret that decision we promise you, have a nice day guys!

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